Shelley Roes
Life’s Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Sharing my raw and honest stories, thoughts and musings on life,  keeping it real, writing a book or two and travelling the world.

As a former Law Grad, primary school teacher and literacy specialist, I am finally putting all of my skills together into creativity that I love … writing and inspiring others. Read, enjoy and let’s navigate life’s journey together.

You can also find my travel writing at lifejourney4two.com

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My Secret That was Never to be Told

My Secret That was Never to be Told

My story of sexual abuse as a child and how important it is that we realise that abuse doesn’t live in the dark nooks and crannies, it’s in plain sight where no one wants or thinks to look.

Why Your Mindset is so Important

Why Your Mindset is so Important

Why is your mindset so important? Because you can achieve anything with the correct mindset. You can take control and make your life your own.

Why I am Thanking my Abusers

Why I am Thanking my Abusers

it is the very struggles that build us up. It is the struggles that bring forth our strongest qualities. The struggles make us who we are. Appreciate what you have done to get through them.

Recent Posts

I wasn’t ready Mum

Are we ever ready for the death of a loved one? Can we really know how we will react in certain circumstances. I wasn’t and I didn’t, even though I thought I was and did.

The Silk Cocoon of love

She hung, suspended only by her ankles. Fear eliminated thought. His laughter seemed distant, drowned out by the tendrils of terror tightening around her. She daren’t move for fear she’d slip through the cigarette stained, calloused hold. Fingers that should wash away...

The Ebb of Love

It began with the dew A glistening teardrop But as the seasons changed And the glistening ice crystals shimmered Frost crept along the blade Beautiful to the observer But lethal to the core As imperceptible as a glacier’s shift The ice slithered through our veins We...

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