My grandfather was an extremely important person in my life and rarely does a day go by that I do not think of him. He is often in my dreams which means I get to hang out with him often, even though he passed away about ten years ago, at 92. 

I don’t normally write poetry but I was inspired to write this little piece today as he was in the forefront of my mind.

I have a treasure that belonged to him that I will be revealing in the near future. A treasure that has both inspired me and put me in awe of this incredible man. I hope to do him credit by sharing it and I will also be writing some stories to highlight his importance in my life. 

He was my most stable role model as I grew up and was there to calm things down when my asshole of a stepfather got out of control. 

He and my grandmother were my ‘darlings’ and being with them was comfort food for the soul. My grandfather’s philosophy on life has been planted in my own soul  and I will be forever grateful. 


His Smile Knew Life


His smile knew life

Every day a blessing, he said

Every day a joy

He held my tiny fingers

He held my wedded hand

Did he know the layers

That he left behind in me?

The enthusiasm for learning

The compassion for the weak

The humour, the go-get-it,

The very key to life

Did he know the world,

was hidden in his soul?

In his laughter and his drive

In his total way of being

Did he know the memories

Would embed and guide my way?

Help to hide my shadows

Bring clarity to my day?

Did he know when choosing

 The ocean to embrace his ashes

That every wave thereafter

Would bring him back to me.

In memory of my grandfather.


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