Simply Awful

Go ahead, write something that is simply awful’ — This article, by author Melanie Rockett, caught my eye last week.

When I first read that statement, I thought that it was a terrible mindset to have. However, when I really stopped to think carefully about it — it’s actually fantastic.

Doesn’t it just take the pressure off right from the start? Whatever we do, we often want to give it our best shot. But wanting to do that can sometimes paralyse us, so we don’t actually start at all. We don’t know if we can, or if we are able to, whether we’ll be good enough.

I ‘ve had to push myself a few times in life. Would that have been easier if I hadn’t had that ‘wanting’ to be a success? Or even at minimum wanting to be ‘ok’. Being ‘awful’ means the bar is set so low that however you do — you’ve won. If you are awful at it, you’ve succeeded, and if you’re even a little better than awful — well, look at you go.

It can give you courage — it’s a win-win. It takes away so many of those little thoughts that can creep into your head and, without having to answer any of them, you can just start.

Procrastination and Paralysis

On that note, I have spent months procrastinating about what I will be writing on my blog. I wanted to write about life’s  lessons. 

However, the hundreds of stories I’d like to write as part of life’s journey don’t fit into the idea of them being a ‘life lesson’,  Many just don’t fit into that category. I kind of had in my head that my stories weren’t worth sharing unless I could build them around a lesson I’ve learnt that might also help a reader.

However, this ‘write something awful’ has been whirling around in my head. You know sparking conversations with myself and I’ve been having quite a chatter, me and me.

I realise that it’s not always about the ‘lesson’. In my mind, I had thought that if I wrote something without highlighting the life’s lesson from it, then that would be awful writing on my part. How could it be useful to my readers?

But I got to thinking, should I just take this advice and write it anyway? Write it even though it might be awful? And the more I thought about it, the more I realised a few things.

Words Have Heart

Sometimes a phrase that someone uses can resonate with you or an idea that someone has can spark an idea of your own. An experience someone goes through may be similar to yours and suddenly you can feel less alone, less different, less isolated.

Sometimes we take our lessons from someone else’s story. Sometimes we are forced to think about things that aren’t part of our lives and by reading, we’ve widened our view on an issue we might have known nothing about.

All of these things have an impact on our life journey — it doesn’t have to be a lesson for us to gain a benefit.

I love to read inspirational quotes and, given the number that appear on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, I think other people do too. They don’t always have a life lesson, but they guide us, help us see our own values, our beliefs and our attitudes more clearly.

The ones that resonate with us are the ones that we want to live by, that inspire us, motivate us. Words that speak to us. Words that create a spark and awaken a part of us.

I’m Sorry if it’s Awful

So, I am no longer only going to write pieces that have an obvious life lesson, because we never know the impact of any of our words. I shall share all of my many and varied life experiences.

Life itself doesn’t always fit neatly into categories, it’s much broader and more complicated. Each facet of life always impacts another. It can’t be packed in orderly boxes.

So, I will write about life and anything else that comes to mind. 

I’ll write from my heart, authentically and not worry about which box it fits into.

Hopefully, there will be a few shared experiences that may give comfort. A few ideas that may prompt new ones. Words that may spark just that little something that changes some aspect of someone’s life or ideas. 

We can never know the benefit of our words if they are not out there. So I will write.

In the end, they will be but words on the page, that may just resonate with someone… and that someone may even be you.

And …I’m so sorry if it’s awful.